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Please read the following guidelines for safe operation of inflatables.

1. Once we have set up the equipment, the safe operation of the equipment becomes the responsibility of the hirer.

2. No participants to climb or hang on walls of the equipment. Do not overload equipment or bounce on step.

It is not recommended that the electric blower be used in adverse weather conditions. Please note that the inflatable can become slippery in wet conditions. We will not erect the equipment if raining or heavy rain is forecast for the day of hire. We will contact you on the day of hire to advise.

4. Do not switch off the electric blower when equipment is in use. If the electric blower fails for any reason, the equipment must be evacuated immediately to prevent injury. Users must not be allowed back on if the equipment is not fully inflated.

5. NO food or drink to be allowed on the equipment at any time. Face paints, party poppers or coloured streamers should also not be used on or near the inflatable.

6. If any damage is caused to the inflatable by misuse or neglect the hirer will be liable for the full costs of repair. Any cleaning costs incurred by misuse will also become the hirer’s responsibility.

7. All persons using the equipment must remove their footwear, jewellery, sharp, hard or dangerous objects from their person prior to use. Spectacles should be removed also.

8. The equipment must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult!

9. The equipment must be fully secured to the ground at all times during use.

10. Children and adults are not allowed on any equipment at the same time.

11. All participants are required to not become reckless or boisterous when using the equipment.

12. No intoxicated person or any person under the influence of prescribed and/or non prescribed drugs and/or any intoxicating substance will use and/or supervise the equipment at any time.

13. Any equipment being operated on licensed premises must be located in a fenced off, glass free area and not operated after 11 pm.